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Oingo Boingo

What really has changed since 2004? The only thing is that there is a lot more electricity that sprays itself all over everyone. Which was a great reminder for Harry S. Truman, who unknowingly dropped the urn of the 4th Pope, releasing a black cloud of Catholic Astro-Glide. This substance was often used for the various illegal acts committed at the Vatican. The Vatican has the ability to move deep into the earths core and turn into a Russian Banya. In this Banya you will be continuously hit with leaves and develop a severe rash because the staff accidentally picked poison sumac. The rash develops into large boils which then end up popping and Kim Davis appears as if she looked like an aborted fetus. She looks like a severely stabbed seal anyways. Releasing cadaverous gases leads to whale explosions. This gas was harnessed by the 4th Reich, a collection of retired Argentinian Marines and Neo-Soul Nazis. Their purpose for this gas you may ask? Well, it is quite obvious, to inhale and give the ultimate trigger of bowl discomfort. Not really a benefit for anyone other than they are creating their own methane gas to distract their enemies. Much tamer tactics than many decades ago. Instead of trains they use Ubers and trap their victims inside. One of the victims ended up being a Robin Leach impersonator. Needless to say, to escape this foul smell he smashed out the window of the hatchback 81 Toyota and was immediately run over by a cement truck.

A bit rusty, but back in action!

See you all lateRR you Sandbox Appendages.
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